2022-12-05 17:54

  Founded in March 2011, NIDT focuses its business on massive data storage and intelligent data processing. As a high-tech enterprise integrating artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and cloud data storage technologies, the company is listed and traded on the Select layer of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System(the New Third Board), stock abbreviation: 云创数据(Yunchuang Data), stock code: 835305, company website: http://www.cstor.cn, WeChat Official Account: cstor_cn.


  Thanks to the rapid development of technological innovation, NIDT has been awarded as the chair unit of China Cloud Computing Innovation Base, National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Gazelle Enterprise and Unicorn-hopeful, National High-tech Enterprise, China's Top 100 Advanced Computing Enterprises, China's Preferred SMB Service Provider, Jiangsu Province Key Software Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Baby Tech Giant, Jiangsu High-Tech High Growth Top Enterprises endorsed by Deloitte, Top 10 Excellent Enterprises of Nanjing Real Economy, etc., and won the Outstanding Enterprise of Unicorn Gazelle and Private Technology Development Contribution Award, etc


  With the corporate culture of "Achieving wonderful things with smart people", NIDT has a strong, collaborative and efficient R&D team. Zhang Zhen, the chairlady of the company, has been selected by the 2019 State Innovative Talent Promotion Plan, Elected as a young and middle-aged technology leader in Jiangsu Province, a science and technology entrepreneur in Jiangsu Province, one of the top ten economic figures in Nanjing, and awarded the Nanjing Labor Day Medal. Prof. Peng Liu, the president of the company, received his PhD from Tsinghua University, and was elected as one of the top ten pacesetters of learning and success in the whole army, a young and middle-aged leader in Jiangsu Province, one of the top ten outstanding young people in Nanjing, and an academic newcomer from Tsinghua University, etc. He won the PennySort Big Data Processing World Champion in 2002 and the overall champion of China Challenge Cup Competition in 2003.


  In response to the exploding demand for big data, NIDT has developed product lines such as cStor cloud storage system, dBrain data brain platform, and artificial intelligence cloud platform with independent intellectual property rights, each of which is a sight to behold.


  The cStor cloud storage system is a high-tech product combining software and hardware, with the advantages of high performance, low power consumption, high reliability, versatility, and maintenance-free, which can be widely used in meeting the demands for massive data storage. cStor A8000 low-power cloud storage system, with a rack capacity of 500TB-4600TB, 10 times energy saving, and a service life of up to 20 years. The product has been successfully applied in many fields such as safe city, intelligent transportation, intelligent environmental protection, and medical health.


  The dBrain data brain platform integrates data resources of various business systems across regions, platforms and systems, supports data governance with a high degree of automation, use artificial intelligence technology for data understanding and labeling, completes data mining and analysis based on flexible workflow, and deeply explores the application value of data. Intelligent and easy-to-use is the distinctive feature of dBrain, and even novice users can directly build big data platform applications without development.


  The artificial intelligence cloud platform integrates a variety of artificial intelligence core capabilities of NIDT, including large-scale face comparison, fuzzy face recognition, fuzzy license plate recognition, intelligent early warning for railroad safety, intelligent medical image analysis, edge intelligent analysis technology, deep learning training platform, intelligent street light support platform, intelligent cloud video platform, real reality technology, etc. NIDT’s award-winning technologies can be adapted to diversified application scenarios on customer’s demand.


  NIDT currently owns more than 200 IPs including granted patents, software copyright licenses and trademarks, certified by ISO9001 quality management system, ISO27001 information security management system, ISO20000 information technology service management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, CMMI Level 3 certification, ITSS Level 3 certification and system construction and service capability assessment CS2 level certification, with security engineering enterprise design construction and maintenance capability level 1 qualification. NIDT has built in-depth partnership and cooperates with Huawei, Intel, Seagate, Lenovo, Inspur and many other well-known enterprises, provides products and services in more than 10 sectors such as environmental protection, earthquake, public security, education, radio and television with more than 300 successful business cases.


  Since its establishment, NIDT has received strong support and assistance from national ministries and commissions, Jiangsu Provincial Government, Nanjing Municipal Government and other governments at all levels, and hundreds of national and provincial and municipal leaders have visited the company.


  "Achieving wonderful things with smart people", we are looking forward to working with you!